Our Story

The Women Leaders Council (WLC) was established three years ago. President of WLC, Madiha Raslan, saw the potential in bringing businesswomen together by sitting around the same table and discussing business, economy, community service, and self-development workshops and trainings.

Around that time, the idea of having a business run and operated by women became a reality.

To realize this objective, United Business Women (UBW) was created as a holding company. UBW’s first initiative is Jazzmin S.A.L., a retail concept business that reflects the holding’s business model. Jazzmin is not only about nine women coming together to do business, but also discussing new ways to do business, as well as share their values with the community. This new initiative nourishes a culture where benefits are shared beyond these nine women, who will extend their know-how and expertise to achieve UBW’s mission and vision.

Raslan is the Chairwoman of UBW and the founder of Darling’s Touch. She had been thinking about this idea time and time again for more than three years. But she did not wish to go down this road alone. She had set her heart and mind on sharing this concept with a larger pool of businesswomen. Passionate about overcoming challenges, Raslan accepted the challenge of aligning the views of nine successful Lebanese businesswomen to establish UBW and finally bring Jazzmin to life.

The Jazzmin challenge promises to deliver new horizons and opportunities and share benefits on many different levels be it in the form of expertise, profits, and knowledge exchange.

UBW will rely on trust and freedom as the core to do business. These and other values are the compass that guide our way, pace, and growth.

Why Jazzmin and why work with us?

Jazzmin’s main objective is to become an authentic model on how a value-driven business can thrive. This is not out of the ordinary because our values ensure sustainability, commitment, and dedication.

This private sector model aims to inspire and encourage teamwork. The Lebanese diaspora enjoys many achievements but they were always undertaken by individuals. Although we are proud of these accomplishments, we believe that an individualist mindset that our people and country still suffer from will get us nowhere. It is time to work together. We, at UBW, will pave the way, take the first step along the path, to share learnings and motivate others to walk along with us.

Our model aims to prove that our national economy can prosper by having more leading businesswomen.

We believe that women should lead change at all levels. But for this change to materialize, new business models are required. New ways of doing business and strategizing is inevitable. A new business model, one that is built on values, is at the core of why we exist as UBW and its first concept Jazzmin.

The nine Lebanese women come from various industries in a critical time for our country, but they are joined by their belief in the power of SHARING.

In addition to all the above, we would like to remind you that Jazzmin:

  1. Is unique because it is established by nine Lebanese women;
  2. Is powerful because it is led and managed by women;
  3. Is a pioneer because it is a platform for women entrepreneurs and a facilitator for capacity building services.